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  • Ernesto Saucedo

Reasons/Signs To Change Your Current Janitorial Provider

1 Cleaning Closet. Want to know if your current cleaning company cares about your building? go to your cleaning closet, if you see clean new equipment and proper chemicals that answer is yes. Now if what you see is old dirty equipment with no chemicals then you have your answer.

2 When was the last time you saw them? If you answer is (I don’t remember) or it has been more than a month that you have not seen any of their representatives. Chances are that you are not a priority for them.

3. Constant turnover. If you see a different crew every week. Your current cleaning company has lost control of your building. A great cleaning company will have onsite supervision during these times. If that is not the case than you have a problem.

4 Do they answer your phone calls? If you are having no response via phone calls or emails. It is a sign that you going to need to find another alternative.

5 Cleaning crew discussing business related matters to your staff. This is usually a red flag on no communication between the employee and a representative of their cleaning company. When employees feel ignored, they will find ways to tell their message, one of them is that by talking to your staff they hope their message gets heard. An issue that happens often is that an employee might have talked to a supervisor or manager, but this person has not communicated an answer to them.

6. Can’t find labor. If a representative of a company gives you this answer, chances are that you need to speak with their supervisor immediately. After all the reason why, you hired them in the first place is to provide that, this is a poor excuse due to mismanagement. If this is an issue, the company representative should have more of a proactive approach with you, instead of telling you that as a reason why the place was not clean the day before.

7 Talk to your supervisor. This is often something that is overlook, many cleaning companies instead of creating a manageable portfolio for a supervisor they would keep increasing it until the person gets burned out and get fired for not accomplishing the company goals. Unfortunately, this happens quite a lot with good supervisors. If you had a good supervisor and you noticed that their quality dropped, a good reason could be this, as some companies will ask them not to tell their customers about the other accounts, they manage for them.

8 Unhappy Employees. Cleaning jobs are not the most glamorous jobs, but a great company will find ways to keep their employees engage and happy. If the employees are rather the opposite very often is has to do with the management of your current cleaning company.

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