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  • Ernesto Saucedo


Updated: Jun 13, 2023

1. Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a professional cleaning team focused on creating a clean work environment that way you can focus on growing your own business.

2. Security Having a professional cleaning team working after hours mean that you have a team making sure that your building is secure, your doors will be lock and alarms turn on.

3. Fixed Cost Knowing exactly what you will be spending per month on keeping your building clean, a great cleaning company will cover the cost of chemicals and supplies that way you don’t need to buy them.

4. Professional Chemicals A great cleaning company will carry professional chemicals, so you don’t need to worry about secondary effects on your floors, furniture and surfaces.

5. Communication A great cleaning company should be a call away when you need them, but most important, they will be there when you do not, by being proactive and doing onsite inspections to ensure they are delivering the service you are paying for.

6. Consistent Crew A great cleaning company will have a consistent cleaning crew, not having one is a red flag on either their management or even the contract agreement, paying the lowest bidder can backfire as a good cleaning company will offer competitive pay and perks to keep their employees. No one wants to keep hiring people.

7. Not Only A Cleaning Company If you run into a an issue when you need more help for a day or two, a great cleaning company will be able to ease that for you, even if you need help finding a subcontractor for a construction job etc. keep in mind that as their customer they will refer to you someone as committed as themselves because keeping you happy is their main priority.

8. It’s a Partnership A great cleaning company will work with you and will be flexible to your needs. Do you need to cancel the service for a week or two? They will work with you on that. A big red flag will be if they want to chain you with a very strict contract. After all, they are there to serve you, not making your life more difficult.

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